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Q: How do I book a tour?
A: Fill in the enquiry form on the contact us page, stating when and where you would like to go, type of accommodation you would prefer (for example B&B or Hotel),
any special needs, diets etc.

if you have any relationships with a place or group unit, please let me have any information you have. I will then try to tailor a tour to suit, and provide a estimate.

Q: How much does it cost ?
A: It all depends on what’s required and how many for, so I quote each tour individually, depending on what, where and when etc. Travel costs can vary considerably depending on the season etc.
e.g. a one hour tour around my home base at Tibenham, would be free in your vehicle.

  • My basic cost including my vehicle is £200 per day + expenses.
  • I charge 30p per mile for the fuel etc for my vehicle.
  • all hotels, ferries, museum entrance fees, are charged at cost.
  • for parties > 4 there is a charge for hiring a bigger vehicle at cost.
  • meals are not included.

Q: Is there a limit to the numbers?
A: Not really when we get above 8, we have to start looking at Mini bus or Coach hire with professional drivers, which is charged at cost.

Q: My father flew from another airfield in WW2,can I just do a tour to an airfield to there ?
A: Yes, providing that there is still access, some airfields are closed to the public.

Q: Can I pick and book my own hotel?
A: Yes, I am happy to assist and recommend hotels to suit most requirements.

Q: Can you collect me from the airport ?
A: Yes no problem, I will meet and greet at Heathrow or most airports in the Uk or France.