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Our trip to Normandy with Eric was very special. Even though I had been there before, I got to go to several sites I did not even know were there. Well organized, personal, and willing to listen to the groups interests made the trip memorable.

Paul Maupin

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My Jo and I had a wonderful time with Eric.  The tour was everything we had hoped for and more.  Eric knew the history cold....especially at Tibenham.  Jo and I could easily identify with all those pictures of Jimmy Stewart. The trip to Duxford was special too.  We saw our B-17 and a Lancaster bomber...took lots of pictures of each.  The Lancaster bomber is a  Christmas card picture candidate.  The trip to the cemetery at Cambridge was both humbling and very sobering especially considering the young age of most of the people who were buried there. Also, we made it back to Norwich on Monday evening to make "even song" at the cathedral.  I  am a organ buff (my Dad played the organ at our church) and that organ was certainly magnificent.

Jo and Tom Lancaster

Eric served as my guide for a tour of the facilities and museums, and surroundings where so many of the US, 8th Air Force were based during WWII.  My Dad was a B-24 pilot based in Tibenham during the war.  He survived the war and lived a full and happy life afterwards.   However, he did not share much details about his wartime experience.  Eric has been crucial in helping me to uncover much of the lost information and understanding of what my father experienced.   Eric’s knowledge of the area, and his deep investment into preserving the history of the WWII experience was invaluable to me.  I would not have been able to learn what I have without his help.

John Sharrard.