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Eric’s Military Tours plan, organise and host a range of World War 2 guided tours around the battlefields of Europe, the UK’s East Anglian WW2 British and American Airfields and memorial sites.

Some of the things our tours include: the invasion beaches of Normandy; an insight into life and death on 8th airforce's B17, B24 bomber and fighter bases in the air war; the impact of the "Fields of little America" on rural communities and the effect of the war on a city like Norwich.

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Standard tours 
Our standard tours range from a two hour visit to my home base airfield at Tibenham, where James Stewart was based, to a 3 day visit to the “Fields of little America”. These may include tours of the mighty 8th Airforce’s UK airfields, museums, memorials and cemeteries in and around the historic cities of Norwich and Cambridge.
Further afield we have a four day tour from the UK (two days starting and ending in France) of the Overlord battlefields in Normandy, France.

Customised tours 
We can organise and host a trip of any extent to our standard trips or to the other important battlefields in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Guided tours
Whatever your itinerary you will be accompanied by me. It’s my job to plan and organise your trip. I won’t forget it’s your holiday so you will go to the best places, often away from the tourist routes. I hope to give you an insight into what life was like for the military personnel and the local population during the Second World War.

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